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Organization of children's birthday party

Organization of children's birthday party

Modern moms and dads want to give their children unforgettable holidays, but it is very difficult to find time for planning and organization among everyday affairs. And the best solution in this case is to trust professionals and enjoy the holiday.

ROYAL ♕ LEVEL can organize a children's holiday, which people will talk about for many years. Our company offers a wide range of services for birthdays for children of all ages: decorations, catering, entertainment. Each party is designed exclusively with the wishes of our client. We can plan a theme holiday in the style of a princess or a superhero, a spa or disco party, even a tea ceremony. Regardless of the character that your child likes, we are able to realize his dreams. Whether your child loves dancing, singing, hand-made, balloons or moving games - we will be able to please him! Remember that your child is special, and his holiday should be the same! We strive to ensure that children smile, so we create unforgettable memories for you and your guests.

Clown with children

A week ago we organized the royal Birthday of the 8-year-old Anichka based on the everyones beloved fairy tale "Cinderella". To create this project, we worked for 30 days and involved more than 100 professionals. The action unfolded in the bosom of wildlife, where tents for celebrations and unique decorations were installed - among them a medieval castle made exclusively for this event. Decorations and details of the decor perfectly complemented the theme of the event and it looked like we moved everyone into a fairy tale.

Invited guests - both adults and children - were offered to change into fancy outfits so that they could plunge into the atmosphere of a real royal ball. As soon as everyone was ready, our main heroine appeared in a gilded carriage drawn by a white pony. It is impossible to describe in words how beautiful this little princess is, how much tenderness, beauty and grace is in her personality! The eyes of our Cinderella were burning from what they saw - sure thing, such a surprise was waiting for her! As in fairy-tale history, the lost shoe was given back to the princess - from that moment her celebration began. Then a kind fairy, in the image of which Ani's mother appeared, waving her magic wand, opened the ceremony of presenting gifts.

After such a fabulous ceremonial part, an equally exciting entertainment program began. Continuing the theme of Cinderella, the guests of the party were put on the play. In addition, the children could have fun at the presented master classes on floristry and making dolls - and thus create memorable gifts with their own hands. With the help of aqua-grasp, the children supplemented the fairy-tale images. Entertaining chemical experiments attracted the huge interest of the guests and broadened their horizons. A big surprise was the so-called "bluebird" - colorful hand-held pigeons with bizarre names left no one indifferent.

girl with sweets

Later, the guests were invited to the dining area to enjoy delicious royal treats. Well, what a holiday without music and dance? Our Cinderella was pleased with the performances of a talented cover band. Later the guests had fun under the incendiary disco, funny contests and a barman show. As night fell, everyone enjoyed the light projection of the royal castle and the bright laser show.

Traditional treat on the birthday parties, of course, is a cake. But in our case it was not just a classic round cake with candles, but an unusual multi-level cake in the form of a castle, we do change the theme of the party! And at the end of this wonderful celebration the guests could write cherished wishes for Anichka on balloons, which were then symbolically sent to the sky for their speedy execution.

This birthday was truly unforgettable and full of magic! And most importantly, the dream of one little princess came true!

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