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Boys night out

Boys night out

up to 15 people from $ 1,999

* each holiday is individual, therefore, based on your wishes - the cost of the package may vary

What's included in the price

  • Developing the style and concept of a bachelor party
  • Location selection + menu and drinks
  • Scenario Plan
  • Photographer
  • Video Operator
  • Decor
  • Entertainment program
  • Coordinator
  • Company Services

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Men have rather different view on wedding compared to women. Although hen and stag parties are celebrating the last day of freedom, their scripts are often very different.  Statistics prove it. For example, in Europe and in the United States more than 50% men cannot imaging their party without female strip (striptease) and only 2% of women include male striptease in the program. Despite the fact that the program of the hen and stag parties are different, both require a good level of organization.

So obviously it’s better to use the services of professionals.


Our specialists are able to offer you a variety of entertaining programs: participation in the rally, parachuting, shooting from a variety of weapons (pistol, rifle, machine gun, anti-tank gun, and even a tank)

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