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Royal wedding

Royal wedding

So much to do and have time on time! Wedding chores and trivialities will be pleasant if you share them with us!

up to 30 people from $ 9,999

* each holiday is individual, therefore, based on your wishes - the cost of the package may vary

What's included in the price

  • Developing a wedding style and concept
  • Selecting a wedding location
  • Scenario plan with timekeeping
  • Media host
  • Photographer
  • Video Operator
  • Musical accompaniment
  • Technical support (light, sound)
  • Decor / floristry
  • Polygraphy
  • Wedding cake
  • Entertainment program (animation, living statues, hostesses, etc.)
  • Make-up artist / hairdresser
  • Transportation costs (limousine, minibuses)
  • Wedding Coordinator
  • Company Services

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The main story is your love story,” the characters of the movie “Letters to Juliet” say. And they are absolutely right. According to statistics, over the past ten years, the number of marriages in the age category from 25 to 40 years has increased by 11%. This trend suggests that people in love increasingly want to make their relationship official.

 Every girl dreams that a relationship with her boyfriend will lead to a luxurious wedding, where all the closest and dearest people will gather. Wedding organization is a difficult process that requires special attention to many details: venue, seating arrangements, wedding customs, transportation, printed products, such as wedding invitations, timing, and many more. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. To make this day perfect, you must not forget about the wedding organization checklist.

Wedding organization

  1. The first thing a bride and a groom need to do is choose a wedding date. Many factors depend on it - from the choice of location to booking a honeymoon trip.

  2. Submit an application to the registry office. Nowadays, you can get registered for a fee in one day, but most newlyweds prefer to register at the registry office. Choose your favorite wedding venue, apply for registration of a civil marriage and, after one month from the date of filing, come to the registration. By the way, in Ukraine it is now also possible to submit an application online on the website “Appeals in the field of State registration of civil acts”. It is interesting that 61% of newlyweds choose standard registration in the registry office, and only 31% - a wedding ceremony outside of the registry office.

    What type of registration newlyweds choose
  3. After submitting all the necessary documents, start choosing wedding rings. This is a long and exhausting process. Sometimes you have to go around more than a dozen stores in search of what is right for you or contact a jeweler for an individual solution.

  4. Decide on who will organize the wedding: whether you want to manage all the preparations on your own or seek help from an event agency. Since the newlyweds are most often lost and do not know where to start, it is certainly better to trust the professionals if the budget allows for it so that your day would go as planned.

  5. One of the most important points is to calculate the budget for the event. By the way, there are even online calculators which will help you figure out the approximate costs of an upcoming event.

  6. Based on your budget, make a list of guests. In this way you will understand how much money you need when ordering a restaurant or transport to comfortably seat your guests so that everyone has an unforgettable evening. By the way, according to statistics, 44% of couples organize weddings for up to 20 people, 25% from 20 to 50, 18% from 50 to 70 people, 8% from 70 to 100 and 5% - for 100 or more people.

    Number of guests at the wedding
  7. Prepare invitations and wedding accessories in advance. Perhaps, you will want to make some of them yourself, and this requires additional time and resources.

  8. Decide on the future concept and theme of the event: will there be a church wedding, what style of wedding you want to have, in what format, and so on.

  9. Knowing the answers to the previous points, choose the place that most accurately reflects your dreams. Create a menu with a restaurant or a catering service, taking into account what your guests like and what you prefer. 55% of weddings take place indoors, and 44% in the open air.

    Wedding venues
  10. Choose contractors: a photographer, a videographer, a DJ, etc. Most of them are scheduled for several months in advance. If you want a particular person for your wedding book them in advance.

  11. Do not forget about a makeup artist, a hairdresser, and a manicurist. On the best day of your life you need to look up to par!

  12. And now, the most interesting part: choose the decor and flower arrangements for the wedding based on your vision of the event, and be sure to listen to the recommendations of specialists.

  13. A wedding bouquet is no less important than a dress. It doesn’t only emphasize the beauty of the bride, but can even tell the couple’s love story! Do not forget about boutonnieres and bracelets for maids of honor.

  14. The general mood at the wedding depends on the choice of the master of the ceremony. What the activities will be and how you spend time with your guests depends on this person.

  15. Writing and approval of the wedding scenario, so that the newlyweds have an idea about the future event.

  16. No wedding is complete without a grand cake. There is a variety of tastes, decor in the form of fresh flowers and figures - the choice is yours. The most common is three-tiered wedding cake.

  17. After all the pre-wedding hassle, introduce your friends and let them organize a small celebration so that you can say goodbye to a bachelor life: a bachelor party and a hen party.

  18. The most favorite point for all newlyweds is the honeymoon. Take care of it in advance. During high season, the hotels may be overpriced and there is a limited selection of package tours.

Wedding styles

 The wedding industry is developing every year and the newlyweds have a huge choice in organizing this special event. Did you know that 84% of girls dream of a big wedding with all the wedding traditions? Let's look at the most trendy wedding styles in 2019.

A rustic wedding


Color scheme

cream, sand, white beige, light green, peach, blue, brown


natural materials: wood, branches, leaves, straw, wildflowers, family heirlooms, sackcloth

A bride’s outfit

flowing, airy fabrics and wreaths of fresh flowers

 A groom’s outfit

casual clothes — cotton, poplin or linen shirt, loose pants and light shoes

 Rustic-style weddings are becoming more and more popular around the world. This style is first of all about simplicity. Each invited guest should feel comfortable, as if he is at home. Most often, the ceremony is held in the open air, and for the wedding decor natural materials are used. As a rule, wood, leaves, straw, wildflowers, family heirlooms, and sackcloth are used as decorative elements. The main colors are cream, sand, white, beige, light green, peach or blue, as well as brown.

For their outfit, brides use flowing, airy fabrics and wreaths of fresh flowers. Makeup is in pastel colors, emphasizing the tenderness of the bride. A groom wears casual clothes - a cotton, poplin or linen shirt, loose pants and light shoes such as loafers.

A shabby chic wedding

Shabby chic

Color scheme

light pastel colors such as pale pink, creamy, pale blue or light purple


vintage and antique items and floral motifs

 A bride’s outfit

a simple dress with lace, guipure, vintage accessories and ribbons

A groom’s outfit

tuxedos, light skinny trousers, a shirt and a vest

Shabby chic is a romantic fairy tale for lovers. The style is based on vintage and antique elements, and floral motifs. The main colors are light pastel colors such as pale pink, creamy, pale blue or light purple.

Brides choose simple dresses with lace, guipure, vintage accessories and ribbons. Grooms go for tuxedos, light skinny pants, a shirt and a vest.

A Provence wedding


 Color scheme

milky white, green, olive, blue, pale pink, with a focus on lavender, purple and lilac


lavender, baskets, wooden and wicker furniture with forging elements, natural materials, scented candles and lace fabrics

A bride’s outfit

outfits of flowing light fabric, some lace and a few decorative elements. Complete the look with a wreath of fresh flowers, ribbons or use the main colors of the event for your shoes, belts or jewelry

A groom’s outfit

a natural fabric suit with lilac, lavender, or purple tie or neckerchief

When we hear the word "Provence" the aroma of lavender, the taste of wine and French scenery come to mind. A Provence wedding is a combination of elegance and simplicity. When decorating, use lavender, baskets, wooden or wicker furniture with forging elements, natural materials, scented candles and lace fabrics. The colors are mainly milky white, green, olive, blue, pale pink, but do not forget that the main colors should be lavender, purple and lilac. An ideal venue for a wedding in this style would be outdoors or in restaurants designed to resemble Provence atmosphere.

When choosing a dress, go for outfits made of flowing light fabric with some lace and a few decorative elements. Complete the look with a wreath of fresh flowers, ribbons or use the main colors of the event for your shoes, belts or jewelry. A groom should choose a suit made of natural fabrics with lilac, lavender, or purple tie or neckerchief.

A Greek wedding

 A Greek style

 Color scheme

gold, white, red, olive, ultramarine, cyan, azure and blue


fresh flowers, fabrics, olive, laurel or willow branches

 A bride’s outfit

classic Greek dress: high waist, flowing fabric, and open shoulders

 A groom’s outfit

a suit of some light shade

Grace and lightness are the main attributes of a Greek-style wedding. Choose a river bank or a pond. If the celebration takes place in the cold season - a banquet hall with columns. Use an arch made of fabric with fresh flowers. Add olive, laurel or willow branches to the decor. The main colors should be gold, white, red and olive. Also use ultramarine, cyan, azure and blue.

A bride’s outfit should emphasize her grace and not restrict her movements. Choose a classic Greek-style dress - high waist, flowing fabric, open shoulders. A groom will look well in a suit of light shades.

Boho wedding


Color scheme

no specific color scheme: use your favorite bright colors


fabrics, carpets, pillows, and rugs with floral or animal print or ornament, exotic flowers and wildflowers. Build a hut, add paper lanterns, garlands and dream catchers

A bride’s outfit

light and simple dresses made from natural materials. Add some massive jewelry, a big wreath or a large beautiful hairpin

A groom’s outfit

There is no definite style, you can choose trousers or jeans with a shirt. A vest, suspenders, even sneakers and tennis shoes will look appropriate

A boho-style wedding or bohemian chic combines different eras and gives room for experiments. You can realize all your fantasies. There is no specific color style - use your favorite bright colors. In the decor, use fabrics, carpets, pillows, and rugs with floral or animal print or ornament. Combine wildflowers with exotic ones, build a hut, add paper lanterns, garlands and dream catchers - realize all your crazy ideas.

For the image of a bride in the boho style, choose light and simple dress from natural materials. Add some massive jewelry, a big wreath or a large beautiful hairpin. The choice is yours! A groom can wear trousers or jeans with a shirt. A vest, suspenders, even sneakers and tennis shoes will look appropriate. But do not forget that the images of the newlyweds should be in harmony with each other.

Popular wedding styles in 2019

Most brides want to take control of the organization of the wedding, because they sincerely believe that they will cope with this task much better than any agency. But because you are very excited and worry a lot before such an important event in  your life, there is always a chance to miss something and spoil this long-awaited celebration. According to statistics, 90% of brides regret that they did not trust an agency with a wedding organization, or at least did not hire a wedding planner.

Wedding chores will be pleasant if you entrust them to us.

The Royal Level team doesn’t just organize weddings: we embody your dreams and wildest ideas. Your event will be a real piece of art, and it will be perfect.

We will take into consideration all the hundreds of details when organizing your wedding. If you hire our agency for your wedding planning we will minimize stressful situations and select the best professionals in their field. And you will save time and finances.

Remember, a wedding is a unique celebration that will never happen again.

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